4 Ways To Get Siblings To Share A Bedroom

When you have more than one child, and you’re looking for them to share a room, don’t fret! Here are 4 ways to get siblings to share a bedroom together!


Oh, our little ones. They are a bundle of joy when they first come home from the hospital. They have that adorable baby face, pink hue, and that fresh baby smell. You know what I’m talking about. This is the time when they can sleep in a crib or bassinet, whether it be in your bedroom or a nursery. But then comes along baby number two. Before you know it, they’re growing like weeds, and they outgrow the bassinets and cribs. The time has come for them to share a room. Here are four ways to get siblings to share a bedroom and cut the fuss.

1Personal Space Is Important

This is a crucial element when it comes to siblings sharing a bedroom. Each child must feel independent and that they have a say as to what happens and what goes in “their side” of the bedroom. Perhaps one child is into princesses, and the other enjoys trucks and construction. Incorporate that, and most importantly, their personalities into the bedroom.

Consider going decor shopping with each child, separately. Not only will they get to pick out their items for their side of the bedroom, but they will love having “special time” with you, by themselves!

Another good idea is to buy two of everything, especially if they express similar interests in things. There will be less fighting over whose items are whose. Each will be happy with what they have. There will be no worry about sharing everything, except for the bedroom, of course!

2Setting Ground Rules

One thing that needs to be sure is that there are ground rules set and in place. Each child should be able to have a set of “ground rules” of their own, that the other child should follow, and vice versa. This is very important. Otherwise, the result could be the children fighting all the time over the silliest of things.

So, sit down with each child, separately, and come up with a list of rules that they want their sibling to follow. Write them down, even have them make up a poster with the rules listed on them, and have them hang it up in their side of the room. They will feel special, as well as listened to, which is essential. Each child will learn to respect their sibling’s side of the bedroom and their belongings.

3Keep Toys To A Minimum

Remember that this is an environment that is created for sleeping, resting and napping. The fewer distractions, the better. By minimizing the number of toys in the bedroom, there will be less interference when it comes time to sleep. Instead, keep toys in a neutral place such as a playroom or a toybox in another room in the house. By doing this, bright colors and sounds aren’t around to draw their attention away from the primary task at hand: getting their precious eyes to close and drift off to sleep.

Another idea is a white noise machine or app. White noise is a sound that contains many frequencies. It has been found helpful for many adults to fall asleep to, but also that of young children. White noise in the bedroom encourages kids to drift off to, and stay, asleep. This is just one idea out of 4 ways to get siblings to share a bedroom.

Stay On A Schedule

Remember that children thrive when they are given routines to follow. The same goes for a sleep schedule. It is important to remember that you have children that are two different ages, and that may mean two different bedtimes. You may have to sit your little ones down and explain that to them. The younger one may have to go to sleep earlier than the older child.

You can start routines such as having your partner help you by bathing the older child, while you’re helping the younger one get ready for bed. Make sure that your older child shares a similar routine as well. Perhaps you can read them their bedtime story in your den or living room, so as not to wake the younger child. This can be a special time for your child and you. Then, tuck them in. It’s time to drift off to dreamland.

While it may sound like a hard undertaking at the time, it is quite easy to get siblings to share a bedroom, and get along with each other!


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