5 Common Reasons You Need To Visit Urgent Care


Most of us hope to avoid those costly and abrupt trips to urgent care simply because the costs of medical care seem to keep rising. Although, for this reason, it’s fundamental to purchase a health insurance plan that helps you afford the healthcare you need.

Because these five medical emergencies are exceptionally common, it’s wise to start shopping around for a health insurance policy if you don’t have one just yet. 

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections present symptoms like painful urination and a burning sensation. Frequent urination is another symptom, while bloating, fever, and abdominal pain are also telltale signs of a kidney infection. 

If bacteria enter the urinary tract, an infection can quickly spiral out of control. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to head to your local family urgent care as soon as possible. Urinary tract infections and kidney infections are easily treatable with a course of antibiotics, and neglecting the symptoms will dramatically worsen the severity of the infection.


While you can heal some physical injuries safely at home with a first-aid kit, a visit to the urgent care unit is essential when injuries need stitches or thorough cleaning. Moreover, for dog bites and injuries that involve open wounds, medical attention is essential in avoiding infections. 

Beyond cuts, scrapes, and dog bites, broken bones, fractures, concussions, and even slips and falls are all injuries that typically require immediate medical attention. 

Fever And Chills

Cold and flu symptoms are sometimes manageable at home with the help of immune boosters and over-the-counter flu medications. However, when a fever surpasses 100.4 F is a medical emergency. 

If your body temperature reaches this height, you will need to visit the doctor as soon as possible. If you aren’t able to get to a doctor, it’s critical to call an ambulance. 


Earaches can be caused for a number of reasons. In mild cases, water may be trapped in the ear after a shower, bath, or day at the pool. On the other hand, earache is often a definite sign of an ear infection. It’s best not to treat earache on your own without the guidance of a medical professional. 

Dizzy Spells

Dizzy spells can cause fainting and minor blackouts. The main concern with these health warnings is that most patients brush off the warning when the feeling fleetingly passes, as it usually does. 

However, it’s critical to head to a doctor if you’ve been experiencing dizzy spells. You might have a nutrient deficiency, blood pressure problems, be at risk of stroke, or even an impending heart attack. 

Other reasons to visit the emergency unit at your nearest healthcare facility include diarrhoea or vomiting that lasts longer than 24 hours. In addition, a sore through, rashes, and nagging headaches or migraines also require medical attention. 

If you are still not entirely sure if you need to visit the urgent care unit or make a regular GP appointment, it’s best to consult your doctor and enquire.