5 Major Benefits Of Dental Bridges


    Missing teeth can be pretty confidence-shattering; it’s no secret that the state of our smile significantly impacts self-confidence, how we view ourselves, and how we feel others view us. And while a suitable oral hygiene routine can help you keep your pearly whites looking their best, dental injuries can occur for various reasons. 

    In some cases, physical trauma can lead to tooth loss, while cavities, gum disease, and other risk factors can also play a part. 

    But even if you’re missing a few teeth, there are replacement solutions available. Dental bridges are one of the commonly opted-for tooth replacement solutions, and we’ve listed the primary benefits they have to offer.

    Restore Your Smile

    One of the primary perks a fixed dental bridge can offer you is smile restoration. You can’t put a price tag on the confidence that comes from being able to smile from your heart without concern of missing teeth showing your shame. 

    Many patients that opt for dental bridge procedures feel substantially more confident and comfortable with their appearance. 

    Improve Chewing 

    After tooth loss, chewing can become pretty tricky and even painful. Pain is sometimes caused by the teeth shifting toward the open areas on the gums. But in addition to this, pain can also be caused by abrasive or hard foods getting stuck in the gum gaps. 

    Instead of continuously battling to enjoy meals, it’s worthwhile to consider dental bridges because this tooth replacement solution can significantly improve chewing and enhance comfort while eating. 

    Improve Speaking

    If you have lost quite a few teeth, your speech is likely impacted. It might be tricky to pronounce certain words, and you might develop a lisp. This happens because teeth play a crucial role in speech.

    As a result, dental bridges can also improve speech for individuals with several missing teeth. 

    Uphold Your Natural Face Shape

    Your teeth don’t just impact your appearance through your smile; they also help maintain your natural face shape. For this reason, individuals who have lost all their teeth have a different face shape. Moreover, missing teeth also add to jaw deterioration, which can alter your face shape by impacting the appearance of your jawline. 

    Dental bridges can help you avoid facial collapse, which allows you to maintain your natural face shape. ‘

    Prevent Other Teeth From Shifting

    When a tooth is missing, your teeth will gradually start shifting to fill in the space. Unfortunately, this can lead to a smile full of skew teeth, even if you’re only missing one tooth. 

    Instead of leaving your teeth to grow skew, consider dental bridges.

    Dental bridges are an exceptional tooth replacement solution for individuals who have more than one missing tooth. The bridge is a fixed kind of tooth restoration suitable for replacing multiple missing teeth through a procedure that joins artificial teeth to adjacent teeth or the dental implant. 

    Nevertheless, if you are considering this dental procedure, it’s vital to consult a reputable dentist that is well-versed in dental bridges.