5 Things You Need To Know About Influencing The Sex Of Your Kid

Can we really determine the gender of our baby? Perhaps. Check out these 5 things you need to know about influencing the sex of your child.

influencing the sex of your child

Conceiving a child is an exciting time. You and your partner want to bring a new life into the world. There are all kinds of things to think about! One of the fun things to think about is whether you’ll have a boy or girl. But did you know that there are ways that you can influence the gender of your child? Here are five things you need to know about influencing the sex of your child.

1The Shettles Method

The Shettles Method of contraception has been around since the 1960s and requires the woman to chart her cycles for a few months to get a feel for the schedule of her body. The theory goes that the sperm with the Y chromosome (boy) will travel faster and have a shorter lifespan than the X chromosomes (girl) sperm. This gives you a greater likelihood of having a daughter.

The theory goes on to say that you should have sexual intercourse with your partner two to three days before ovulation, because by this time the male sperm would have likely died off, giving the female sperm a much better chance of reaching and fertilizing the egg.


This is known in the scientific community as manipulating the body’s chemistry. Because a woman’s monthly cycle goes through pH changes (acidic and alkaline), these are now thought to influence a child’s gender. If you are looking to have a little girl, here are some things that mommy-to-be can do

For A Girl:

  • Corn, meat, beans, liver, yogurt, eggs, coffee, fish and plums. Foods that are high magnesium and calcium are great, so drink your milk, ladies!
  • Make sure to take supplements such as folic acid, magnesium, and vitamin C – this will make your cervical mucus more acidic which will, in turn, kill off the Y sperm.
  • Stay away from foods such as watermelon, potatoes, oranges, and potatoes.

For A Boy

  • Daddy-to-be should get involved on this one too. He should make sure that his scrotal area does not get exposed to too much heat, as this can kill off the male sperm pretty quick.
  • Ladies, grab those bananas, you are going to want that potassium!
  • Enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can.
  • Try to stay away from dairy products and lower calcium and magnesium supplements.
  • Eat yummy foods like almonds, carrots, avocados, lentils, cherries, fresh lemons, figs and more, as these are alkalinizing foods.


It has been said that different sexual positions may have an influence on gender. This is due to the depth of the penetration as to where the sperm will be inserted into the vagina. The theory is that if you want a boy, deeper penetration is better, while if you are looking for a girl, a shallower penetration, where it is more acidic and will kill off male sperm, gives the female sperm a better chance to make it to the egg for fertilization.

4Try On A New Moon Phase

While there is no concrete science to back this up, many have sworn by this method. The theory is that during the new moon phase a female’s egg attracts the female sperm. If you are looking to conceive a boy, try on a full moon. To do this, you will have to get a calendar with the moon phases on it, and also track when you ovulate.

5The Whelan Method

This is pretty much the exact opposite of The Shettles Method. It is based on the advice of Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, an epidemiologist, with her method being based on research done by Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero. If you’ve got your heart set on having a little boy, having intercourse many days before ovulation occurs were slightly higher if intercourse happened just before or after ovulation.

No matter what, we all love our little bundles of joy, boy or girl! But if you’re thinking about another little one to your family, these five things you need to know about influencing the sex of your child might help!


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