6 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy

    To help simplify your kids' health, and separate the facts from the myths, JJ Bennett takes a look at a few of the ways to keep your child healthy.

    ways to keep your child healthy

    When you become a new parent, you quickly become obsessed with your child’s health.

    Should I let other people hold my child? What do I do if they get sick? What happens if I can’t breastfeed and use formula exclusively?

    These are just some of the dozens of questions that you’ll google as you prepare for parenthood.

    And, with the amount of information you’ll find, it can become overwhelming in a hurry.

    To help simplify your kids’ health, and separate the facts from the myths, let’s take a look at a few of the ways to keep your child healthy.

    Newborn Health Tips

    From deciding on breastfeeding to choosing a pediatrician, there are a ton of health-related decisions to make when you have your first child.

    Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

    1Make a Personal Decision About Breastfeeding

    Here’s a study showing that breastfeeding is necessary for newborns. And here’s another.

    But wait. Here’s one that shows that formula-fed children receive the same benefits and that all those risks we hear about not breastfeeding are myths.

    So who do we believe?

    The consensus is that breastfeeding is almost certainly better for your child but not to the total exclusion of formula. Whatever combination or method works best for you is the one to go for.

    Hundreds of millions of children have been breastfed, and hundreds of millions of children have consumed formula.

    And most of them turned out just fine.

    The decision about feeding is a personal one.

    While you should be aware of the differences between breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, don’t stress yourself out making a decision.

    2Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

    The reality of becoming a new parent is that you’re not going to get as much sleep as you used to.

    It’s essential that you accept this early on (or you risk becoming resentful towards your child). As Vicky Lansky, author of Getting Your Child to Sleep and Back to Sleep, says:

    “You’re not going to get a good night’s sleep. So you can either be tired and angry or just tired. Just tired is a lot easier.”

    One way to avoid complete sleep deprivation is to follow the adage of sleeping when your baby sleeps.

    And while you may wonder what this kids health tip for parents has to do with your child, it’s important to realize the negative consequences that sleep deprivation can have on your ability to function as a parent.

    Health Tips for Toddlers

    As your newborn becomes a toddler, their health needs change.

    Here are a few health tips for toddlers to help you with the transition

    3Start the Breakfast Routine

    As adults, there are times when breakfast is just not an option.

    And while it may work out just fine for us, there can be a lot of negative consequences for children that don’t eat breakfast regularly.

    For one, childhood obesity is a worldwide epidemic.

    By kick-starting the metabolism and reducing appetite throughout the day, eating breakfast helps solve many of the problems that lead to obesity.

    Eating a meal in the morning, even if it’s small, also gives your toddler energy, boosts their mood, and leads to fewer behavioral problems.

    All-in-all, the benefits of breakfast for your toddler are just too strong to ignore.

    4Begin Developing Good Oral Health Habits

    It’s highly recommended that you start teaching your toddler how to brush their teeth as soon as possible.

    Also, here are a few other ways to protect your child’s teeth and teach strong habits.

    Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

    As the transition from toddler to preschooler begins, different health-related situations arise.

    Here are a few kids health tips for parents to make the transition seamless:

    5Stick to Natural Foods as Much as Possible

    We all know the many benefits of eating natural foods.

    But eating natural foods exclusively is nearly impossible for families that are always on the go.

    Instead of setting a hard “we only eat organic” rule (which isn’t realistic for most families), just make it a point to shop for and eat organic foods as much as possible.

    Creating this habit in your preschooler, and helping them understand the benefits of organic over processed foods, will be extremely beneficial for them as they grow older.

    6Involve Kids in Food Choices

    As an adult, how often do you eat something that you hate the taste of?

    Stupid question, right?

    But far too often, we force our kids to eat foods that they hate. And, with the number of fruits and vegetables that are available, this is just not necessary.

    By giving them an opportunity to try different things, and letting them decide what they like and don’t like, it will be much easier to create a diet for them that is healthy and tasty.

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