6 Ways To Optimize A Nursery For Sleep

Nursery decorating is one of the most fun aspects of pregnancy! It can be tempting to create a Pinterest-worthy nursery. But are they helpful to baby’s sleep? Here are 6 ways to optimize a nursery for sleep.


When you first find out you are pregnant, it can be so much fun – minus the morning sickness, of course. You begin thinking about the little life growing inside of you, and all of the things that you will be teaching him or her, what their future will hold, etc. Then the fun really begins when you start to work on the nursery for your baby. Think of all the potential that the room holds! You have so many ideas swirling around in your head, of how you want it to look, the furniture that should be in it, and more. But the biggest thing to think about is how your baby will be sleeping in that nursery. Here are six ways to optimize a nursery for sleep.

1Keep The Air Clean And Cool

The ideal temperature for a nursery is between 68-72˚. Overheating can increase the risk of SIDS. You can keep the room cool by any means necessary, that is also safe, of course. You can use humidifiers, fans, and even air conditioners. But be mindful of cords, as they are a tripping hazard.

You are also going to want to keep the air in your home clean as well when there are things like dust mites, pet dander and other pollutants floating around in the air. So, investing in an air purifier would be a good idea. There are plenty of air purifiers on the market, so you can do your research and find the one that best suits you and your home.

2Cleanout The Crib

Oh, the time we can spend on Pinterest and Instagram, looking at the cutest nurseries, filled with crib bumpers, mobiles, stuffed animals, and more. While they look nice in theory, they are quite dangerous to a baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the only two things that should be in a crib are a firm mattress with a tightly fitted sheet and your baby: that’s it!  

While mobiles are cute and all, they do provide a distraction for the baby, especially if it goes off and doesn’t turn back on. Plus, by having toys in or above the crib, it would be giving your child the wrong message, that the crib is a place to play when in reality it is a place solely meant for sleeping.

3Darkness Rules

Babies sleep the absolute best in a dark environment. Purchasing some blackout curtains for the nursery wouldn’t be a bad idea, as these will let minimal amounts of light in, meaning longer naps and sleep times for baby, which means, a more extended slumber for mom and dad, too!

No screens in their room, as the blue light it emits can stimulate your baby and keep them awake. However, amber or red lighting is optimal. If you want to put a light in their room, a small night light would be fine, just be sure that it stays on all night, as if it turns off, that may wake the baby up.

4Turn Up The (White) Noise!

Research has shown that white noise is highly effective at putting infants to sleep, even better than lullabies or books! Not only will the white noise machine soothe your baby and send him or her off to snoozeland, but it will also drown out any other sounds that may wake them up or startle them.

You don’t even need a machine. There are plenty of apps you can use on an old phone or tablet. Some can even simulate a heartbeat or the sound of the womb, making the transition from hospital to home a little more comfortable for your new bundle of joy!

5Get The Right Furniture

Mommy and daddy are going to be going in and out of baby’s room quite a lot, especially in those first few months! So it is also important for you to be comfortable as well as your child. Before baby is born, make sure to shop around for furniture that you would like to have in the nursery, a rocker, a glider, things that make you comfortable. Always be safe and sure though, that cords and cables are out of the way on the floor, as they can present a falling hazard, especially when you’re sleep deprived new parents!

6Get A Changing Table

Having a changing table is necessary. Perhaps keep it adjacent to the crib, but out of reach of the child, so they cannot reach for it or get to it, but keep it close. This makes midnight diaper changes a whole lot easier and much quicker! You can just grab baby, change the diaper (and clothes, if need be) and put them right back to sleep!

There’s no one “right way” to get your child to drift off to sleep easily. Each baby is going to be different, but hopefully, these six ways to optimize a nursery for sleep will help when your little one arrives!


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