8 Funniest Dad Tweets Of The Week

This week's Twitter roundup is dedicated to all of the dads out there taking it one day at a time. Dads are more involved with their kids than ever before and we think this is fantastic.

funniest dad tweets

These are funniest dad tweets this week:

This could hardly be more true..

All of the above are totally *overrated.*

They always say to model the behaviors you want to see in your kids, right?


Coolest set of wheels on the block!


This is exactly why I am currently being flooded by ads for Nerf gun ammo…

Mantra for today: “Breaking stuff is a part of the learning process…. Breaking stuff is a part of the learning process… Breaking stuff is a part of the learning process…”

What I can’t understand is why he ever promised himself he wouldn’t do this…

She only carried you for 9 months and then birthed you… go ahead and be BFFs with Dad. No biggie.

Cheers to all of the awesome, active daddies out there! We appreciate you and all of your sacrifices. And, thanks for the laughs!

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