9 Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week

In need of a giggle to round off your week? Here's our pick of the funniest parenting tweets from the past few days.


How has your week been? If you’ve made it through unscathed, congratulations! If you’ve been left open-mouthed at the antics of your family, take heart – you’ re not alone, as our round-up shows.

Who else aged a year in the last week?

The priorities of these kids… Sigh.

Is this a fail or a stroke of genius?

Man. This is epic.

Poor mama. Kudos for trying to be honest and open… but she obviously read this conversation totally wrong!


“Maybe” being the operative word here. Just maybe…

It’s like she doesn’t even care about her child’s need to ride around in a personified robot from outer space. Jeez.

Sometimes you just have to stand back and let them make bad decisions, as hard as that may be.

I ‘m classing this as a MAJOR win. This kid looks awesome!

Isn’t it great to know the struggle is real for other parents too? We’re all in it together – and we’re all doing our best. Here’s to us!

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