Ask The Parents – Can Too Much Cuddling Spoil A Baby?

It’s not surprising that new parents want to spend all their time cuddling their newborns – after all, they are adorable! But is it possible to overdo it?

cuddling your baby

As soon as your new baby is placed in your arms, chances are you’ll never want to let him or her go. It’s entirely natural – after all, you’ve just fallen head-over-heels in love with your tiny bundle. But Amanda, who lives in Stockport, wants to know if you can cuddle a baby too much.

“Is it possible to spoil a baby by cuddling them too much? My mother-in-law says if I hold my daughter – who’s three months old now – all the time, she’ll grow up to expect it and I’ll regret it when she’s older. I just see it as giving her comfort and closeness, and she’s still so tiny and adorable I want to cuddle her all the time anyway! Should I do it less?

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Holly says love and cuddles should never be in short supply for a child, so go for it.

“I don’t think you can ever show a child too much love or affection. I completely showered both my boys with cuddles and affection (and still do), and they are both growing up to be confident and independent children. Your daughter is three months old and should be having all the cuddles and love you can give her.”

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Cuddling your baby is absolutely the right thing to do, says Katie – it’s helping build a positive bond between parent and child.

“It isn’t possible to spoil your baby; in fact, you’re doing exactly the right thing by holding her close to you as much as possible. This is called attachment parenting and is proven to be a positive thing for both mother and baby.

“I would suggest using a sling or baby carrier if you want to free up your hands a bit and move around easily. Have as much skin-to-skin contact as possible – the benefits are innumerable and it sets you up for a great mother-and-daughter relationship. Enjoy every single second and ignore any negative advice. You’re doing wonderfully and congratulations on standing your ground!”

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Jessica says that far from being ‘wrong’, it’s setting a great example as your child grows older.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of giving too much love and affection! With all due respect to your mother-in-law, I think showing affection and cuddling your child can only be a good thing – in fact, I think it’s the reason why my kids are so affectionate.

“I’ve always cuddled and kissed them – I still do – and as a result they are incredibly affectionate children, always giving friends and family hugs and kisses. Remember, kids learn by example and you’re setting a great one by showering your daughter with love. You’re right – it’s very comforting to your little one, and she won’t always be so tiny so enjoy every minute of those cuddles!”

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You’re absolutely doing the right thing so don’t worry, says Kim.

“You absolutely won’t spoil her, so hug your little girl as often as you can. In fact, when I first had my daughter I read that when your child feels the embrace of a hug it gives them confidence and security because they know they are being cared for and loved. I completely believe that and so should you – hug away, mama!”

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