Ask The Parents – Is It Time To Think About Feeding My Baby Solids?

How do you know when you should start feeding your baby solids? There’s no hard and fast rule – but our panel of parents can offer their wisdom.


As with many aspects of parenting, you can find conflicting advice on when you should start feeding your baby something more substantial than milk. Some parents can’t wait to wean their little ones onto solid food, while others prefer to wait. Rosie, who lives in Southend, isn’t sure what to do for the best.

“My three-month-old already has a tooth and seems really interested in solid foods, such as bread. Is it too early to start him on solids? The thing is, I’m really enjoying breastfeeding but I don’t want to stunt his development. Any advice?”

Holly OlugosiHolly Olugosi

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You know your baby best, says Holly, so listen to your instinct. As long as you’re careful with your choices, you won’t do any harm if you do introduce solids – and equally, he’ll continue to thrive on a milk-only diet for a while.

“Firstly, I really don’t think you’ll stunt his development if you don’t give him solids right now. From experience, feeding children solid food varies from child to child – there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

“I perhaps wouldn’t start with things like bread because they’re not quite so easy to process with only one tooth, but I can’t see why baby food jars or puréed fruits and vegetables couldn’t be an option if he’s showing interest.

“I always think if you’re in tune with your baby and your gut is swaying you in a particular direction – as long as it’s not posing any kind of risk – then you should just crack on and start exploring what foods he likes!”

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You can have the best of both worlds, points out Kim, so why not?

“Yes, 100% start introducing solids! Just because you do, it doesn’t mean you have to stop breastfeeding. Continue with both! There’s no wrong answer, as long as he keeps eating. Just follow his lead when it comes to what he wants.”

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Jessica suggests speaking to health professionals, as she says three months does seem quite young to introduce solid foods.

“I started my children on solids at four months and I think that was considered quite early – six months tends to be standard. But they were fine, and I knew they were ready. I would suggest waiting a little longer before introducing solids and perhaps ask your local clinic for advice. But remember to always trust your maternal instincts too! You don’t need to stop breastfeeding either – I’d just slowly introduce a few solids while still breastfeeding.”

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If you decide to start feeding solids, advises Danielle, it’s best to make sure whatever you offer has a runny consistency.

“The World Health Organisation suggests we don’t feed our little ones food until they’re six months old. I gave my little girl baby rice at four months old, and I’d say it’s better to start on foods that have a liquid-like consistency to reduce the risk of choking.

“Babies have to learn to get food from the front of their mouths to the back, and that can take some time. It may just be worth waiting a little longer and then having a look in the baby aisle of a supermarket to see what’s suitable for her age group.”

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