Ask The Parents – What’s The Best Way To Bath A Baby?

It should be an enjoyable bonding experience, but baby’s bath time can be more stressful than you think. Our panel of parents has some suggestions for making it easier.

how to bath a baby

When you think of baby’s bath time, the image that comes to mind is of a cooing, smiling infant, a laughing parent, and lots of bubbles. The reality is that many of us struggle as we try to clean our tiny, wriggling bundles, especially in the very early days. If that’s you, then take comfort in knowing you’re not alone – as Gemma, of London, UK, can testify.

“This might sound silly, but I find it really hard to bath my baby son, who’s a month old. He cries and wriggles quite a lot and I’m worried about hurting him if I hold him too firmly. We’ve got one of those over-bath baby baths but I’m wondering whether it might actually be easier to just use the kitchen sink for now! Any bath time tips would be appreciated.”

Kimberly Stanfel – Behind the Mom JeansKimberly Stanfel

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Kim agrees using the sink is a good option that will help you feel more confident.

“Bath time can be a seriously scary time. When they are that little, the bathtub is hard because you don’t feel like you have control. I used the kitchen sink, probably longer than I should have, but it gave me peace of mind. I knew I had control.”

Katy MannKaty Mann

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There’s nothing wrong with skipping proper baths, says Katy – small babies rarely get that dirty, so don’t worry.

“As your son is only a month old I’d forget about proper baths altogether. If it’s causing him to cry so much, it isn’t worth it. A good wash down with some warm water, using a soft flannel, is sufficient at this age unless he’s had a particularly bad nappy. I’d avoid any bath products yet as he’s only tiny and they can irritate such young, tender skin.

“I know a lot of people like to get into the routine of baths from an early age, but it really isn’t necessary. Take away the stress of bath time for both of you and enjoy those precious early weeks with your newborn. He will be much calmer and happier as a result, giving you some much-loved bonding time.”

Amber DeAnn Rojas Amber DeAnn Rojas

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Her experience was similar, says Amber – and she found a different solution.

“I had two babies like this! Babies that small still feel better snuggling and being held, especially since that’s all they have known for nine months. Mine seemed to calm down if I showered while holding them – they seemed to find comfort that way, or even with my husband holding them while he showered.

“But I’ll tell you this – if you do decide to shower with them, it will take two of you to manage it. Babies’ bodies are extremely slippery when soapy. It’s a great way to do it, though, and less stressful for everyone – creating positive experiences is so important.”

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It’s important to remember how alien the experience is for your newborn, says Ana – it’s not surprising babies cry when they’re getting used to their new world.

“When my baby son, Teo, was born we had no idea how to give him a bath or wash him – then the time came to give him his first bath. I realized then, that although babies spend around 40 weeks surrounded by amniotic fluid, that doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy bath time or being crowded by their parents. That’s how it was in our case – our son cried a lot! – and we know it’s the same for many parents out there.

“You’re right about the sink – that will help your baby to feel safe and comforted. There are also some other suggestions here that we found stopped Teo crying so much.”

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