8 Brilliant Baby Shower Gifts For Any New Mom

You’ve been invited to a baby shower – how wonderful! But what should you get the mom-to-be? Take a look at our suggestions and you won’t go wrong.


News that a friend or relative is having a baby is always exciting. Will it be a boy or a girl? What names will they choose? Then there’s the fun of the baby shower – but what gift should you buy? You can be pretty sure there’ll be plenty of bibs and cute onesies, but let’s get practical. What does a new mom really need? Here are eight brilliant baby shower gifts to give you inspiration.

1A sturdy stroller

Most moms will tell you this is their number one go-to item. A stroller is just so versatile and a constant companion on any outing during those early months. Many these days have a car-seat combo that clicks right into place – the perfect grab-and-go solution for busy moms on the move! Granted, this can be a pretty expensive gift, but it’s perfect for a close friend or family member. Keep an eye out for special deals too – online or in your local store.

2Baby monitor

New parents can get nervous when their baby is out of sight, even if they know their little one is sleeping safely upstairs. A baby monitor brings real peace of mind. Old-school versions will just give you an audio connection, but others include camera monitors. There are even models that let you watch via a smartphone or have a central home hub.

3Pack and play

This is definitely a gift that will be appreciated. If mom and/or dad are going somewhere for a couple of hours, they’ll welcome somewhere safe to pop the baby down for a while. Many models come in bundles with a bassinet attachment. This gives the baby somewhere to nap in comfort and provides a safe place for them to play when they wake. The really awesome thing about the play yard feature is that many fold up with the pull of a tag – so quick and easy to store once you’ve finished with it.

4Diaper bag

Another essential – every parent needs a ‘go bag’ packed with essentials when they head out the door. There are so many fabulous designs and patterns to choose from. Pick one you think the new mom will love and fill it with diapers, burp cloths, a onesie, diaper rash cream, baby wipes and whatever else you think will come in handy.

5Baby swing

Sometimes, all the rocking in the world will fail to soothe a crying baby – but a baby swing might do the trick. There are lots of different kinds with variable swing modes – some even travel in a figure-8 motion!

6High chair

Babies grow fast. It won’t be long before they need a little extra in addition to their milk diet. They’re not ready for a spot at the grown-ups’ table, but a high chair is perfect. When choosing, remember it will need cleaning regularly of food and drink spills – so something simple with as few nooks and crannies as possible is generally best.

7Baby bathtub

The traditional baby bath is still beloved by many parents. You can get some that fit over a regular bath, to save mom or dad bending down too far and hurting their backs. Some come on stands or sit on a worktop, which is easier still. Take the new parents’ home into account when choosing. And don’t forget to buy a cute hooded towel and baby washcloth to go with it.

8Gift card

You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Some people shy away from them, thinking they’re dull or impersonal – but they’re one of the most useful things you can buy! Mom and dad get to have fun choosing something they need or save it for essentials once the baby arrives. These days gift cards can be used either in store or online – so they’re a versatile option.

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