8 Top Must-Have Christmas Gifts For Kids This Year

Yes, we know they’ve only just gone back to school! But parents who want to avoid the last-minute panic of shops selling out are already thinking about their children’s Christmas gifts.


If you’re the organised type, chances are you’re already planning your Christmas celebrations. You might even have bought one or two presents. Here are some of the top must-have Christmas gifts for kids this year.

1Great for teens – Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter Drone

Drones have been on older kids’ wish lists for a while now, but good ones tend to be expensive. However, the Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter has some great reviews and an affordable price tag. It’s also perfect for drone newbies and incorporates some fun features.

The Predator has three different speeds – beginner, advanced and super-fast. There are colourful LED lights for night flights, and it can do cool tricks such as a mid-flight roll and flip. It even comes with a few replacement parts, just in case there are accidents, plus a USB charging cord, Li-Ion battery and small screwdriver.

Your over-14s will love it.

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2Lego – Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Lego remains one of the most popular kids’ toys of all time, and the popularity of Harry Potter doesn’t look set to fade any time soon.

The Hogwarts Great Hall kit includes a moving spiral staircase and ten figures including Harry, Ron and Hermione, as well as Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore and Nearly Headless Nick. Suitable for those aged nine and over, there are 878 pieces in all. The young witch or wizard in your family will love it.

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3Young tech – Echo Dot Kids Edition

Alexa just became child-friendly! The Echo Dot Kids Edition is just as capable as the adult Dot, but with additional features and safeguards. It comes in a range of colours and gives your young ones their DJ, comedian and storyteller on tap.

It includes a year of FreeTime Unlimited, with access to ad-free radio stations, more than 300 audible books, and games from Disney, Nickelodeon, National Geographic and more. An automatic filter means there’s no need to worry about explicit songs on Spotify or Amazon Music, and the easy-to-use parental controls mean you can set daily time limits, review their activity and more.

There’s also a two-year worry-free guarantee – if it gets broken, Amazon will replace your Dot for free.

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4Family game – Tricky Trunks

Race to pick up balls with the elephants, following the instructions on the cards. It might mean as many as possible, all of one colour, or a specific combination. Lots of fun for everyone in a game that helps develop dexterity and motor skills.

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5Interactive – Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup

Clever Ricky loves to perform tricks and loves treats even more! He can balance a toy bone on his nose and will flip it into his mouth on command. He’ll raise his paw to ‘shake’, shuffle his paws, bark, and loves cuddles.

Ricky has over 100 sound-and-motion combinations and comes with a range of accessories. A great ‘pet’ for any child aged four and over.

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6Modern Retro – iTop

The humble spinning-top has been a childhood favourite for hundreds of years – and now it’s entered the digital age.

It might look like a futuristic spinning top, but this version plays games. These are based on how long or how fast you can spin it, with scores displayed on the surface. A clever folding spindle means it’s easy to slip into a pocket for on-the-go fun.

There’s even a ‘mystic mode’. Ask simple questions such as ‘Will I beat my daughter’s best score?’ and the iTop will answer – a bit like an electronic magic 8-ball!

It’s addictive and will bring out a competitive streak in kids and adults alike.

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7Educational – Crayola Colour Chemistry Lab Set

Your kids will be able to conduct scientific experiments at home with this creative chemistry set. Each activity has been approved by real scientists, from building an exploding volcano to making glow-worms and colourful quicksand.

The kit includes all materials needed for 16 different experiments, but with a few extra supplies there are 50 different processes they can try – full instructions are included. Suitable for kids aged seven and up, it offers hours of educational fun – you’ll probably want to join in, too.

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8Role-play – Mini Supermarket

Kids love playing at being grown-up. This toy supermarket lets them choose and pay for different ingredients, and if you like, there are add-ons such as a trolley and basket too. As well as being fun, it boosts creativity and imaginative play. Working out how to pay for their purchases with toy money is a great way to boost kids’ mental arithmetic skills, too.

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