Couple Forced To Give Up Newborn Twins After IVF Mix-Up

A heartbreaking fertility mix-up has led to a lawsuit that claims a woman gave birth to someone else’s twins after a fertility clinic impregnated them with the wrong embryos.

ivy mix-up
Not the children mentioned in the story.

After spending more than $100,000 (£80,000) on in vitro fertilization services to become pregnant, an unidentified couple from New York say they finally succeeded. 

However, the first sign something was wrong at the California IVF clinic was that the couple had thawed and implanted two female embryos only to learn they were carrying boys.

A doctor at the fertility centre in Los Angeles told the couple that sometimes sonograms are not accurate.

He assured the couple “they were having girls and that nothing was wrong,” according to a federal lawsuit filed by the couple.

What Happened To Our Babies?

But when they gave birth in March, the Asian American parents claim they were shocked to find that neither of their babies were of Asian descent.

Genetic testing also revealed the baby boys were not even genetically related to each other.

The lawsuit claims genetic testing confirmed the babies belonged to two other couples, and they were forced to give the babies to their biological parents.

According to their legal claim, the experience of carrying and delivering the babies only to have to hand them to their real parents has left the couple with “permanent emotional injuries from which they will not recover.”

The couple still don’t know what happened to their two female embryos.

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