5 More Funny Dad Fail Videos

Dads know no fear. They know no boundaries. They don't know when they're beaten. Until they are...

5 More Funny Dad Fail Videos For Father’s Day

Part two of Kinbox’s pick of the best dad fails might be even more rib-tickling than the first. But we still definitely think it may be even more amusing if you’re a mum.

1Girl hits dad with a golf ball

Oh, come on. You knew there’d be one of these, right?

2Dad hitting sign while filming daughter ride a bike

It’s up there with the wedding dance and walking her down the aisle. The moment your daughter rides a bike for the first time is one to film for posterity, for sure. Just be sure to look where you’re going, or you may end up in one of the funniest YouTube clips of all time.

3Dad comes crashing off a slide

That thing I said about having a go on the soft play equipment? It’s the same at the park. Just. Don’t.

4Daughter takes dad out with a sledge

It’s great to watch them having fun in the snow. But remember to get out of the way. As this dad discovered the hard way.

5Son hits dad with baseball

It happens to everyone at some point. You’ve just got to hope it’s not being filmed when it does.

Elaine McLaren
Elaine McLaren is a 40-something mum of an 11-year-old PS4-obsessed boy (who also happens to be a talented singer, drummer and trumpeter), and an athletic 8-year-old girl who loves to dance. When she’s not ferrying children around, Elaine writes features for the national newspapers and magazines in the UK.