10 Hilarious Parenting Tweets You Must Read

Kids say the funniest things…and sometimes, so do their parents. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recent parenting and family moments on Twitter.

10 Hilarious Parenting Tweets You Must Read
  1. Now, that’s a mean trick (but we’ll file it away for future use)!

  2. “But that’s not what I wanted..” We’ve all been there!https://twitter.com/JadaBrookins/status/1022464563256717312
  3. When they take it literally…

  4. Be afraid…

  5. How your child sees you…https://twitter.com/ashmarieski/status/1020853948599717888
  6. This kid has learned from the grownups!https://twitter.com/heymissbaker/status/1020253726114746369
  7. How to bring them round to your way of thinking…

  8. If you’re on holiday, you’ll understand this.

  9. Time to yourself is precious.

  10. That smug feeling you get when your kids aren’t the ones annoying other people.

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