How To Choose Safe Toys

Choosing toys - while toys are essential to childhood development and fun, they can be hazardous if they are not carefully chosen.

choosing toys

When it comes to our kids, safety is always the priority. But, there is a thin line between rational and reasonable care and hysteria and panic. It can be hard to know when it is important to be extra careful and when you are just giving yourself something else to stress over. 

So, let’s hit on the top five buying tips for safe toys…

  • The first tip may seem obvious but it is vital to read all labels and information that accompanies a toy. The toy will be marked with a recommended age. This is also where you can find out if art supplies are non-toxic or washable. Be sure that any toys that must be assembled are assembled correctly according to the instructions. Make sure that all electric toys are UL approved.
  • When it comes to small kids, bigger is usually better. When in doubt, buy them the larger or chunkier toy. For example, if you are standing in front of two toy cars, choose the one with the largest wheels and fewest parts that could possibly pop off.
  • Toys that are very loud or which shoot items into the air can be dangerous. Toys that are noisy can cause serious ear damage while anything with a shooting mechanism is practically begging for an eye injury. 
  • Stuffed toys can be great for little ones but remember to make sure the stuffed toys you give them are well-made with seams that are stitched tightly. Also, watch out for what they are filled with. A bear stuffed with beans, for example, is not suitable for a small baby. Be extra careful when considering crib toys. 
  • Use your head and your brain and never be afraid to follow your parental instincts. Also, be sure to let others who care for your child know about your rules in regard to toys. If you have concerns about your baby sleeping with a stuffed animal, for example, share those with the sitter. 

While toys are essential to childhood development and fun, they can be hazardous if they are not carefully chosen and parents should still always supervise their little ones’ playtime. Just be sure to read labels, watch your child, and trust your gut. 

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