You Won’t Believe This Teenage Slang

Teenagers have all the best slang. But how do parents know what any of it means? Let teenager Alexandra Hak be your guide.

You Won’t Believe This Teenage Slang

There are times when I say something and my parents look at me as if I’m insane. Trust me. I’m definitely not. Chances are I’ve probably just used some new slang. Here are the words you need to know as parents. Get woke*!


The term ‘finna’ is used to point out something you are about to do, or complete. For instance: I finna cry.

The term directly means ‘fixing to’ – however, it is used more commonly as ‘gonna’ or ‘going to’. In this instance the phrase ‘I finna cry’  means ‘I’m going to cry’.

‘Finna’ is mainly used in a humorous manner.


The term yeet began with a Vine (a video app) in 2014 when a group of friends chanted ‘Ya! Ya! Ya Yeet! Ya!’. A dance was created around this repeated rhythm. ‘Yeet’ is now used to express excitement and to describe the way someone moves.

The past tense of the word ‘yeet’ is, in fact, ‘yote’. For instance: ‘I yote all the way over there.’


This is another term used to express excitement and humour, as well as describing the way someone moves. It is often said as ‘skrt skrt’ with little voice cracks and is used by many rappers.


The term ‘low-key’ is used to describe someone or something that is quiet, modest, or not very assertive. For example, ‘He is low-key funny.’


Perhaps not the nicest of terms. It is used to reject someone who wishes to have a romantic relationship.

‘I curved him because I don’t like him.’

6  Salty

A popular term used to describe someone who is acting in a sassy or bitter way.

‘Sarah is acting real salty today.’


The act of shipping is to support a relationship between two people. Shipping usually involves combining the two names of the people involved in the relationship.

‘I ship Sarah and Matthew. Their ship name is either Marah or Satthew’.


As well as being a high-end designer brand, ‘Gucci’ is a slang term, referring to something that is highly desired. ‘Gucci’ is used more commonly as a substitute for the word good as it’s phonetically similar. Therefore ‘It’s all Gucci’ or ‘we’re Gucci’ means ‘everything is good’.


Used to describe someone who is ordinary or boring.

‘She is so basic.’

10Sips tea

This term is used to describe the way someone is about to dish gossip. If someone ‘sips tea’, they have heard and are about to pass on gossip. If someone is ‘sipping tea’, they are also discreetly trying to unearth the information they want or find valuable.

‘Sarah’s sipping tea in the other group chat.’

11Throw shade

Throwing shade is the act of directing a rude comment towards someone. Often used as banter-filled insults.

“Sarah threw shade at Matthew during the 5th period.”


A word to describe how you feel after laughing hard. Usually, a comment made after a funny comment or joke.

“I’m weak!”


‘Finesse’ is used to compliment someone’s ability to smooth-talk or persuade people.

‘Matthew talked to her with finesse.’


A word used to express one’s surprise or shock at something.

‘I’m shook.’


A combination of the words ‘sup’ and ‘huh’. Used as a greeting when meeting friends. The trend of the word with another Vine. Often used in the form, “Suh dude.”

So, have you heard your kid say any of these words? Now you know what they mean!

Use this information wisely and good luck!

woke* – slang for social awareness