The 3 Benefits Of Doing A Detox Cleanse


It is well known that it is very easy these days to end up with an overload of toxins in our bodies. We tend to eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong drinks, and use far too many synthetic materials in our daily lives. This exposes us to toxins that end up causing problems like a lowered immune system response, lethargy, and weight gain. 

When we hit the tipping point of toxins, it is time to do a detox cleanse. There are many different types of cleanses such as sugar cleanses and even juice cleanses where you can make 3 day juice cleanse recipes at home, for example. No matter what type of cleansing you do, there are many benefits. 

In this article, we will go over several of the benefits of doing a detox cleanse. 

1 – Energy boost

There is something of a chain reaction that happens when you decide to detox and get rid of the excess toxins in your system. It starts with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients better which then leads to other things happening. When you are able to process food better and get all of the nutrients into your body, you increase cellular energy.

Then, you start to feel the sluggishness that you have been feeling melt away and you have more energy. When you have more energy than you exercise more and get even healthier. This creates a positive feedback loop that improves your energy levels and helps maintain them. 

2 – Mental clarity

If you have been experiencing brain fog then you know it’s time to do a detox cleanse. We now know that the brain is connected to the gut in a big way so when your gut flora is off then you’re going to end up with mental clarity issues. 

Too many toxins in the body can lower the levels of healthy bacteria in the gut and this can lead to the dreaded brain fog that makes your days far more difficult than they need to be. 

Once you finish your cleanse, your gut health will improve and your mental clarity will also be elevated. 

3 – Stronger immune system

With weak gut flora comes a weak immune system. Before your detox, you probably noticed that you were getting sick more often, every time a cold ran through the office you would get it. 

This is because the excess toxins in your system are killing the good bacteria in your stomach and digestive tract. This bacteria is essential to a strong immune system. When it is weak your immune system doesn’t have the ability to ward off illnesses so you are always getting sick. 

Going on a detox will help eliminate the toxins that are killing off your gut flora. Then, it’s simply a matter of getting enough probiotics into your system to rebuild. The result is a stronger immune system and the ability to not get sick as often. It can take a while to build it back up so make sure to do the right type of cleansing.