Tips For Storing Toys In Your Garage


If your kids store their toys in your garage, chances are things are not well organized. Keeping their toys tidy is not a priority to your little ones. However, there are a few things you can do to help make storing toys a less messy affair. 

Understand You Have A Lot Of Usable Space

Your garage is full to the brim of usable space. You don’t just have to store everything on the ground. You can use the walls and even the ceiling, should you wish to. You could hang your kid’s nerf blasters on hooks on the wall and their bikes on the ceiling. 

You could put up some shelving and store toys there. This will ensure that the garage floor is a lot less cluttered. 

Remove Any Unwanted Toys 

From time to time, your children may grow out of some of their toys. This is to be expected. Removing any unwanted toys can:

  • Create more space in your garage, so it’s less cluttered 
  • Make it easier for your children to find the toys they want 

You could give those unwanted toys away or sell them. If they are no longer wanted, there’s no need to have them hanging around. 

Create Zones In Your Garage 

Many garages don’t have a particular layout. They can become cluttered very easily and even a little unsafe.

Create zones in your garage for playing with toys and others for fixing your car. The zones can make your children feel more responsible for the space they have. 

Give Everything a Home 

Give everything in your garage a home. When everything has a home, there’s no need for it to be anywhere else. 

Store Everything At A Good Height 

If you can, store everything at a good height. Ideally, your kid’s toys should be at a height that’s ideal for them. When they are, it means you won’t have to reach for them when your kids want to use them. 

Additionally, if toys have to be stored high up, your little ones may not be able to put them away. 

As your kids grow, adjust the height of their shelves. Doing so will make reaching their toys easier. 

Store all of your items at a good height too. Make sure those sharp tools are out of harm’s way. 

Use Storage Containers and Bags

Storage containers are ideal for use in a garage. They are usually sturdy and easy to clean. Storage containers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tough bags can also be ideal for storing toys and games. Just make sure you buy cheap ones so they and your storage containers can be replaced, should they need to be. 

Storing your kid’s toys in your garage can be easy. Garages are usually quite big and full of unused space. Use the above tips to help you to store your kid’s toys with ease. Your garage could be very organized but a great place to store those toys your kid’s love.