What Makes May Babies So Special

Everyone thinks that their kid is special but scientific evidence backs the fact that May babies are happier and healthier.

may babies

While it may sound far-fetched to some, there is evidence that the month of birth can have a very real effect on your physical body as well as your mental health and habits. For example, babies born in August are typically taller. 

If you are having a baby this month, be glad! 

While you are likely very nervous about the ins and outs and ups and downs of parenting, you may also be curious as to how your child’s birth month might make affect them. All the science points to pretty positive things!

While you may hear astrologists, old legends or other less-than-proven sources that babies born in different months have very specific traits, there are only a few reason that May babies are special that are actually based in science. 

Lucky Ducks

How are May babies different from babies born in every other month of the year? First things first, they are fortunate and things tend to go their way. 

Sound nutty? Is it really possible that a person’s birth month could affect their fortune? 

A 2004 survey of over 40,000 May babies concluded that they tend to be luckier than those born in any other month of the year? Why? 

The researchers theorized that parents may interact with May babies differently because of the warm weather following their birth. This, in turn, affects the babies’ development.  This may have to do with why they tend to be luckier but it’s hard to say for sure.

Either way, your baby is YOUR lucky charm!

Rosy outlooks

But, they are not only luckier, they tend to be more optimistic. In another study involving nearly 30,000 people, it was found that people born in May also have a more optimistic outlook on life. While the obvious conclusion can be made that people who are fortunate are a lot more optimistic, there is another theory, as well.

Researchers believe that that may be because of the longer daylight hours in the warmer months and their effect  on dopamine levels. (Dopamine is the chemical that regulates our reward and pleasure centers in the brain.) 

It would follow that this might affect brain development in such a way that a person would generally have a happier and more positive point of view.

Night owls

This is not be one that most parents enjoy but May kiddos tend to be night owls. This has been known anecdotally amongst May parents for a long time but, in 2009, a study found that spring and summer babies are more likely to go to sleep later than fall and winter kids. 

This may have some correlation to the long daylight hours that they are exposed to in the early days of their lives.   

Healthy as horses

May babies are healthier physically, as well, and are typically better protected against respiratory conditions than little ones born at other times of year. In addition, Spring kiddos are far less likely to develop allergies, hay fever, asthma and eczema.  This could be because they spend more time outdoors as babies.

Winter babies may be born in the midst of flu and cold season, etc. but May babies are born in a “healthy” time of year. 

They are also known to be up to 7 ounces heavier although why that is is hard to pinpoint. 

If your child is up all night, always has a positive outlook, never sick and tends to have great luck then it may just be because of their month of birth.

If you are due this month, rejoice in the fact that your child should have fewer illnesses and allergies and a better immune system.

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